[01] Roger WEIDNER - History of WAR Financing #1

By, William Wagtener | July 5, 2010 |

Former Oregon Prosecutor talks of how WARS are Financed historically
for profit, not to Right a wrong. Part 1 in series. Interview by William Wagener, OST host.

Part #2 will be added in soon!

[02] Oregon State BARR v. Roger Weidner - Tom SUTTON SWINDLED

By, William Wagener 4 Part Series Produced May 30, 2009 to June 10, 2009.

Defendant , Roger WEIDNER turns the tables in Portland Court room of Judge Wilson and state BAR prosecutors... with video camera rolling... Roger who has aided citizens with ADA AFTER their state BAR certified Attorney's help swindle the impaired people...

Roger impeaches the credibility of the witness, atty. Wm G. Fig, who allegedly helped a Mr. Butler swindle Tom Sutton, ADA certified out of money and real estate. Judge Wilson's claims the criminal acts of Mr. Butler & Atty. Fig who facilitated the swindleare "irrelavant". What do you think?